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Sep 5, 2012 2:00am PDT
if we could maintain the glen park boundaries. >> and the discussion on this block? >> it is arguable how it affects glen park. to the extent this moves population from 8 to 7. 7 to 8, then it is going the wrong direction. i am not with this. >> any other discussion? mr. shriver. commissioner schreiber: it moves population from 7 to 8 to keep the population together. i would be interested to know the population of the section of the glen park neighborhood that is not currently on our map. >> any other discussion on this block that is highlighted. let's call the question. glen park, the population here is 135. resulting deviation is 3.8 to 2%. >> yes. commissioner schreiber: so, we're just doing this in the abstract? >> it may be abstract for you. it was a proposal put on the table of this particular block. commissioner schreiber: doing this block along doesn't appeal to me because it cuts into an established neighborhood. rather than uniting glen park. ok, yes. convinced me. >> no. >> i have a concern about moving population to district 8. -0.4 in 7. can i make a -- come back to me. c
Sep 7, 2012 2:30am PDT
board of the glen park association as the parks and recreation share. i have been very involved in this process. i can also talk about the coolness of the recreation center in the wintertime. not having installation myself. although technically -- i cannot speak for those who are not in this room today, for the first phase of this park improvement plan, there is a great deal of involvement, with a great deal of feedback during all of the planning workshops that began in december of 2010. i intended all -- attended all but one or two meetings. there are great majority of supporters in the glen park neighborhood. many people use and enjoy this park on a regular basis. i can say that from being part of this process, we're all excited about the future of this contract because we can build this construction. i thank you for your time with this, and i am looking forward to moving forward with this. >> thank you. >> good morning, commissioners. jennifer with the trust for public land. i am happy to be here today to support this project. usually the trust gets involved with projects --
Sep 3, 2012 1:37am PDT
renovation at glen canyon and that we have been focused on the park's bond , our largest park renovation has been in the $15 million to $20 billion range. i believe the project is $68 million. is enormous in scale and infrastructure costs, it is a rooftop park obviously and i think it is important when you look at those incredible pictures, it's going to be a tremendous addition to our open space inventory. this is a project with scale that is somewhat unique. >> i had just heard during the report that there would be 1400 affordable housing units. i just want to be clear if those are going to be on site or offside? >> those are all on site units that will be built along a folsom st. on public parcels in that neighborhood. >> thank you. >> seeing no other commission questions call let's open it up to public comment. >> any public comment? >> mr. president and commissioners, i have been on various committees involved with said transit center for several decades now and i want to give you some background on how we got here. in 2005, the joint powers agency announced it could only identify enoug
Sep 10, 2012 2:00am PDT
of the glen park association. briefly, i want to say that the glen park association board of directors sent a letter earlier this week that you now have urging for approval of the contract, and to move ahead with the glenn part improvement plan. this is a long and constructive process. it'd have to balance expanding the playground, providing safer access, and relocating to the tennis court. and the recreation center building itself. this is kind of groove its cube -- rubitz cube because the pieces and dollars, they have been lined up with the appropriate compromises. i do have one regret. my wife and i have been taking our granddaughter to the playground, two or three days per week. we will miss that. but i believe that our granddaughter will be very excited in about 10 months with a new playground. we ask for approval of the construction contract and we look forward to the ground- breaking as soon as october. and we look forward to your action today. thank you very much. >> ashleigh hathaway, jennifer, and then -- ross. >> good afternoon. perhaps i am becoming a somewhat familiar face. i a
Sep 3, 2012 2:07am PDT
. >> sali rauf? -- sally roth? >> i am on the board of the glen park association and i would like to request that you bring forward and approved a pending contract. the clubhouse is old, and so is just about everything around. things like the restrooms are so far from being compliant with 88, this is almost remarkable. the area is heavily used. there are three camps bring their people in to use this area. and we have a cycling through of the area of baseball players and baseball tournament that want to use the field. and if this plan is carried forth, as it is, we will have some technical areas on one side, and we will also have something better done with the area in the back of the clubhouse. this is not very useful for children, for playing at all. one of the things that is important to get out of this thing is that -- the additional safety from upgrading things, things that are not accessible or approved, and -- it is amazing to me that sometimes institutions are reluctant to make changes because changes are difficult. people fear changes more than they fear death. but changes are what we
Sep 7, 2012 6:00pm EDT
a debate on the obama presidency with glen ford of black agenda report and michael eric dyson, professor at georgetown university. >> what is it going to be like under romney and ryan? like that song, if you think you're lonely now, wait until overnight. see how extremely difficult and complicated and nightmarish our future could be. >> all of that and more coming up. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. we are broadcasting from charlotte, north carolina. president obama accepted the democratic presidential nomination thursday night in a lengthy speech closing out the democratic national convention. obama argued he has rescued the economy from disaster and planted the seeds for a continued recovery. he vowed to create 1 million new manufacturing jobs by 2016 and to double exports by 2014. on foreign policy, obama highlighted the killing of osama bin laden, the withdrawal of troops from iraq and the planned drawdown from afghanistan. in a theme he touched on throughout his speech, obama said the "change" he promised four years ago would ta
Sep 14, 2012 2:30pm EDT
americans killed in libya about to be brought in. among those killed, chris stevens, sean smith, glen doherty, tyrone woods. you can see the caskets coming off the planes. chris stevens was a diplomat and served two tours in libya. sean smith was an air force veteran. he was an information specialist. glen doherty, a former navy s.e.a.l., he was 42. his sister saying he was the best of the best. he wouldn't have gone down for some protest over a movie. this was a serious, well-planned, well-executed attack. he was good at what he did, her wos. and tyrone woods. three sons, family member saying he loved life, loved adrenaline. you could not find a more skilled s.e.a.l. than him. live pictures. secretary clinton there, president obama. the families have gathered there in the hangar, as well, we're told. earlier in the week, the president reaching out to the family of ambassador stevens. both have spoken in recent days of the work of these four in libya. the secretary of state, hillary clinton, talking about her own faith, saying refraining from violence is not a sign of weakness in one'
Sep 14, 2012 11:00am PDT
. and former navy seal tyrone jones and glen doerty were providing security for ambassador smith were all killed in tuesday's attack in benghazi, libya. meantime angry protests spread today throughout the muslim world including jerusalem and the west bank along gaza. u.n. peacekeepers were also attacked by protesters. no casualties reported. in tunisia protesters stormed the u.s. embassy setting fires and battling with tunisian security forces. two people were killed. another 29 injured. in all protests broke out today in at least 17 nations from north africa across the middle east to indonesia. all the demonstrators voicing outrage against that film made in the united states that ridicules the prophet mohammed. nbc's jim maceda is in that country. we hope to have him join us later. joining me now, andrea mitchell, most of "andrea mitchell reports," andrea i'll start off with you. the ceremony you were talking about when bodies were returned after the attacks on the embassy in 1998 you were there. this is something that many people in my generation never witnessed and never seen in our li
Sep 15, 2012 6:00am EDT
stevens, sean smith, glen doherty, and tyrone woods. we give you thanks for the lives and the service of these men who wanted nothing more than to make a difference in the lives of other people. to bring justice and freedom to others, who possessed not only character and resolve, but courage and good will. we mourn their loss. bless the memories of these men through those who knew and loved them, especially their families, for whom we ask your comfort, your divine care, and your piece in this difficult time. on this occasion, we continue to pray for our nation and its leaders. we asked your blessing on all who served on the military and civilian. we pray for our nation's people. we pray for the defeat of the terror and evil that seems to plague our planet. we pray earnestly for peace. creator of all, let's like perpetual shine upon chris, sean, glen, and tyrone. amen. you may be seated. ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor to present to you the secretary of state, hillary clinton. >> thank you very much, a chaplain. mr. president, mr. vice president, secretary panetta, family members,
Sep 14, 2012 2:00pm EDT
, and colleagues, we welcome home for the final time ambassador chris stevens, mr. sean smith, mr. glen doherty, and mr. tyrone woods. we give you thanks for the lives and the selfless service of these men who wanted nothing more than to make a difference in the lives of other people. to bring justice and freedom to others who possessed in their hearts not only character and resolve, but courage and good will. we mourn their loss. bless the memories of these men through those who knew and loved them, especially their families for whom we ask your comfort, your divine care, and your peace in this difficult time. on this occasion, we continue to pray for our nation and its leaders. we ask your blessing on all who serve, military and civilian. we pray for our nation's people. we pray for the defeat of the terror and evil that seems to plague our planet. we pray earnestly for peace. and now, creator of all, let light perpetual shine upon chris, sean, glen, and tyrone. may their souls and the souls of all the departs through your eternal mercies rest in peace. amen. you may be seated. ladies and gen
Sep 18, 2012 12:30pm PDT
, which connects this part to the 280 freeway. this cuts right in front the bernal heights and glen park -- >> bernal cut? >> precisely. >> which was way back in history cut out for railroad line and eventually thought the feeder to mission freeway which fortunately was constructed. the objective in this part on a long-range basis have been anticipated by the glen park area plan but also desires and opportunities among community and city agencies to improve conditions in the nearer term. specifically focusing on the northbound segment, three lanes of traffic and very substandard bike lane at the curb. >> actually a gutter. >> yes. >> it's got paint. >> you can see a little in this picture. generally say you want to build a five-foot bike lane, the practice would be that five feet does not include that portion. it is nearly half of the right-of-way of that lane. >> it is my route. >> you are family -- familiar with it. >> i'm curious. >> this is something that took me a little time to wrap my head around is you have three streams of traffic coming in at that point. the off-ramp, the heav
Sep 14, 2012 10:00am PDT
and service for ten years. he was married with two children. also killed was former navy s.e.a.l. glen doherty from massachusetts. a private security contractor, he was in libya searching for a shoulder launch antiaircraft missiles, a high u.s. government priority after the fall of moammar gadhafi. >> so deeply saddening, it also makes us aware, though, of the kind of role that people like chris and over the years are playing, unsung, but the critical role that they play. >> glen lived his life to the fullest. he was my brother, but if you asked his friends, he was their brother as well. >> i'm sure my son went down fighting. i don't know the ins and outs of it. i haven't been told. but i'm sure he went down fighting. i'm sure he did. i just hope his last moments weren't painful. >> they are now coming home. the transfer of remains, ceremony, scheduled to begin in a few minutes. that at the joint base andrews. president obama, secretary of state clinton and leon panetta will all be there. special coverage begins right now with don lemon. >> thank you very much, suzanne. that is where we're goi
Sep 14, 2012 6:00pm EDT
- year-old glen burnie woman was burglarized as she was getting dressed for bed. she wasn't hurt as the armed suspect took off, but the whole case sounds frightenly familiar to those on the block. we explain why. >> reporter: it doesn't take long before you see a police cruiser on country club drive in glen burnie. that is by design as the police respond the an armed burglary of a 70-year-old woman on this block saturday night. the police say the suspect broke into her home, had a knife, but when he realized she was awake, he took off, the search for him has been on ever since. >> just a lot of cops coming around, constantly running by. it is good to see. >> reporter: as are the traffic stops and i.d. checks the police have been doing in this neighborhood, the officers don't know exactly who they're looking for. the detectives say when the suspect broke in the other night, he covered his tas with one of the victim's shirts. if this all sounds familiar, it is because it is. we were here almost exactly two years ago on this very same street to report about a sexual assault of an el
FOX News
Sep 17, 2012 12:00am EDT
killed this week in libya. we focus on former navy seal glen daughterty with his close friend mikey weinstein. thank you for being with us. >> nice to be here, judge. thank you. >> our condolences to you. you lost a friend. tell us about him. >> you know, i realize i am trying to keep everything a political, because glen i am not going to talk about a political spectrum left or right thing. glen was every bit a passionnal american hero. he cared about his fellow americans. he cared about his fellow world citizens. he was a navy seal that came on our ad vise ry board. military religious freedom organization. we represent 39 active duties soldiers marines and airmen cadets and ship men at the air force academy my alma mater at west point. 96 percent happen to be christians. we represent 11 percent of muslim americans in the military. we are fighting religious extremist dominion christian unconstitutional activity in the military. a number of years ago -- >> let me get through that. what was glen like? >> glen was a man that cared passionately about everybody. he cared about -- he didn
Sep 18, 2012 5:30pm EDT
... taking placee..///.anyone... with information.../ call police. the glen burnie man accused of threatening to carry ut a maas shooting at a state pffice in annapolis is out of jail and he's talking. talking. keith daniels live in glen burnie, where the suspect claims he's done nothing wrong. keith? 3 "iq: i cant believe... oq: ppove that you didnt do this." 3 3 he llst the democratic primary forcongress in maryland's first district.but dr. john laferla is now a ""rite-in" candidate. he's is a physiciin who livesin chestertown. democrats have formallyendorsed him...after democraticnominee wendy rosen withdrew from the race..he's accused of registering and now taking aim at republican incumbant aady harris. (laferla) "the trenddwith the tea party republicans are not really fair to the average person ii the united statts and it makes me mad and it makes me want to do something rather than just sit oo my duff" duff."laferla says he is pro-choice...and supportsthe affordable care act. 3 tte internal investigation into the purchase of pricey video phones by
Sep 23, 2012 2:00pm PDT
to climb the mountain and break the world record. trey, you heard from american skier glen branch who survived the avalanche. what glen say that happened today? and how is he doing. >> he's okay, he's a limb beat up, he's a little sore, he's got some front teeth, i guess one of his eyes is pretty beaten up. but the important thing is that he's okay and he's on his way home. i spoke to him about 4:30 this afternoon. he said he was in a tent along with one of his partners and. and about 4:45, he was reading his bible, reading his daily devoti devotional. and they heard a sound and greg said did you hear that wind? and a second later, he said no, that's an avalanche. and immediately the avalanche hit them, there was about 25 tents at camp 3. it took them all out and he said it swept him about 300 meters down the mountain. and when he came to, he was still in his sleeping bag, still in the tent, still had his head lamp on and he punched his way out of the tent. he said that they had all gone to sleep with avalanche transceivers on in case this would happen. and he immediately started sear
Sep 18, 2012 10:00pm EDT
gilbert. serious allegations be the judge. the question tonight, in the case of the glen burnie man accused of threatening a mass shhoting at a state office. office..... keith daniels ... live... in... glen burnie,.../ with a story you are seeing first on fox.. 3 jeff and jennifer..... his name is james armstead..... we're live outside of his home at the glen mar apartments on glen highwayy.... police stormed his building behind me...and tonight, armstead says they did it.. based on nothing more than a rumor. rumor. james armstead says he's the only victim in this case.. the target of a he-says, she-says circumstance.... that's costing him......(armsteadd "they can just get up and say anything.. thenni got to get a lawyer, $6500, i got to turn around anddmake bond, $100,000.".......armstead is charged with telephone misuse state official. anne arundel county police ay he made a hone ccll last month to the child support office in annapolis.. where calls are kill an employee and himself.. a "batman-style shooting," they say, reminiscent of colo
FOX News
Sep 21, 2012 6:00am PDT
and glen dori and what their role was in trying to protect the ambassador. four years after campaigning on a promise of hope and change president obama last night making what some are saying is a surprising admission of what he has learned during his time in the white house. take a listen. >> i think that i've learned some lessons over the last four years, and the most important lesson i've learned is that you can't change washington from the inside. you can only change it from the outside. that's how i got elected, and that's how the big accomplishments like healthcare got done. gregg: chris wall as anchor of fox news sunday joins us live. chris, good morning. while taking a swipe at congress is the president also implicitly admitting his own failure to work with congress? >> no, he's saying that congress is intractable and that you can't do it from the inside and therefore you have to have the citizen's movement that's what has elected him in the first police and that's what will make change when they elect him and elect democrats to congress in november. the problem of course is that
Sep 9, 2012 10:00pm EDT
." a fatal crash involving an m-t-a bus in glen . burnie. "i'm sure she's looking down on her field now with a big smile on her ffce." face."the field that love built.yeardley love's high school remembers her memory throuuh dedication. dedication. vytas says... says... and lees than 24 hours to the ravens regular season kickoff. we get a preview... hello... im jb.../ jennifer gilbert's... on been... two years... since... yeardley love... was murdered... / in... a vicious attack... by her ex- boyfriend../. today... the... u--v--a... . lacrosse player... was remembered... by... former classmates... and friends... at... her... high school... in... baltimore county..;/. melinda... roeder... was there... for the dedication... of... a... new... lacrosse field./ .. named... in áherá honor. honor. melinda intro: this where yeardley love... learned... lived ... and played sports for most of her life.and today - the school gathered on aanew fieeddto remember the young woman they'll never forget. 01:23:188- nats of songtucke
Sep 27, 2012 1:00am PDT
is good. my money. my choice. my meineke. >>> extreme skier glen plake describes what happened on that mountain and how he made it out alive. sleep train's inventory clearance sale is ending soon. save 10%, 20%, even 35% on a huge selection of simmons and sealy clearance mattresses. get 2 years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. even get free delivery! sleep train stacks the savings high to keep the prices low. but hurry, the inventory clearance sale is ending soon. superior service, best selection, lowest price, guaranteed. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >>> a survivor of the avalanche in nepal that killed at least eight people speaks out. his name is glen plake. one of the most accomplished extreme skiers in the world. >> if you could be anything in the world, what would you be? >> well, i don't know. me. [ laughter ] >> throughout his career there have been many extreme moments. that is some of him doing what he does. nothing could have prepared him for when he was camped out on the world's eighth highest peak with other climbers and the
Sep 14, 2012 4:00am PDT
navy s.e.a.l.s, glen doherty and tyrone woods. doherty was a former navy s.e.a.l. from massachusetts who was protecting the consulate. >> glen lived his life to the full et. he was my brother. but if you ask his friends, he was their brother, as well. >> reporter: fbi agents from the new york office will soon be arriving in libya to assist in the investigation. >>> and a top foreign policy adviser to republican mitt romney appears to be blaming president obama for the deadly middle east protests. richard williamson tells this morning's "washington post" that with a, quote, president romney, you'd be in a different situation. williamson also directed the criticism to the president's response to the attacks this week. but in an interview with george stephanopoulos, candidate romney now seems to be backing away. >> it was not directly applicable and appropriate for the setting. i think it should have been taken down. and apparently, the white house felt the same way. >> reporter: when the president says, you shoot first and aim later. >> this is politics. i'm not going to worry about th
Sep 19, 2012 1:00pm PDT
day they had to go get glen. glen was in this eucalyptus tree. the branch fell on the roof and he fell with it. >> an accident, the branch broke. >> didn't make as much noise as jackie. >> this guy wasn't just eating eucalyptus, he was buzzed. >> get this guy back to help release them. get them back into the wild. >> has he a laundry basket. >> thanks for the ride but peace out, i'm out of here. bon voyage. >> thanks a lot for the ride. i don't want to ever see you again. >>> crazy storms all caught on video. whoa. >> like a suit of armor to do that job. >> meet the man that braves mother nature to capture it all. >> what is it like dodging softball-sized hail. >> this little rapper has a big problem with pants. >> his message -- no one wants s yourar. please tell me that trend is finally dying. >> hear the wrap that w >>> a trip to mcdonald's is supposed to be fun. you get fries, your happy meal. >> not scary like it was for this group of people in florida. three men rushed into this mcdonald's and they immediately started intimidating everyone. one had a gun and was pointing it at th
Sep 22, 2012 10:00pm PDT
. >> this is the -- when you are coming from the monterey boulevard toward glen park, you face sort of a fork in the road. you take a left, you go diamond to the bart station. if you take a slight right you go onto the ramp that justin is talking about. leads to san jose by russo. where the bike lane starts essentially. the problem is you have cars coming in and wanting to weave into the stream of traffic with the cars that are coming at much higher speed from the freeway, as well as the cars that are coming from the other side of san jose avenue into the bernal cut so the bike lane is hanging in the balance. a good amount of traffic headed from san jose avenue off-ramp northbound wants to take russo to go into glen park so you have crossings on the bike lane. that is the problem. >> in a more robust planning process where we are able the bring transportation engineers in and designers there could be an opportunity where all three connectivity points could be preserved but might involve more aggressive changes to how that is configured or how land use trade-offs or circulation trade-off modes so those ar
Sep 4, 2012 5:00pm EDT
was for gary from lettering -- glen burnie? some of his puppies wandered out and someone stole four of his puppies. he and his wife are extremely upis the and called us knowing that abc 2 viewers always come through. >> the level of a person who would steal someone's pets. two had collars on them. >> gary is offering a $500 reward. >>> a 27-year-old boater from philadelphia who fell overboard near gibson is still missing. both the man and his dwoif fell into the water. the girlfriend was rescued but crews are trying to search for wyman. >>> the republicans had their turn in tampa last week. now it's the democrat's turn. on his road to charlotte tour, the president has been defending his economic policy. >> on thursday night i will offer what i believe is bet are path, a path that will create good jobs and strengthen our middle class and grow our economy. >> well, the spotlight of the opening night will be on the first lady. political analysts said she needs to convince vote ares that her husband is the right person. the keynote speaker is san antonio mayor julian castro. >>> governor o'mal
Sep 10, 2012 6:00pm EDT
around 10, 27-year-old marcus anderson was driving in glen burnie when he drove into the path of an mta bus. the car was pushed back and caught fire. marcus was killed. his 14-year-old brother was take tonight hospital. the driver of the bus and passenger brs taken to the hospital. the last one around 1:00 this morning in annapolis, police say 33-year-old brian jonelis hit a guard rail. he was stuck underneath the car. he died at scene and a passenger was take on it shock trauma. >> the goal is to change the behavior and pattern of drivers. >> reporter: although the causes are under investigation, they want to stress distraction. >> they can lead to serious life all tarring or fatal -- altering or fatal crashes and our job is to prevent that. >> less say the person in the glen burnie accident was not wearing a seat belt. >>> starting this past weekend fines went up along 83 north warning truckers if you pull over to rest on the shoulder you're going to get a $60 citation. state place say it has caused deadly accidents and truckers need to better plan their brakes. truckers say there's n
Sep 14, 2012 6:30am EDT
that the showers that come up over the mountains will break up when they run into the dry air. glen burnie 57 and dew point of 53. hour-by-hour forecast, 78 by lunchtime and afternoon temperature around 3:00 to 4:00, 83 degrees. and the clouds may thicken up and possibly a stray shower. and now over to lauren cook and abc2 news timesaver traffic. >>> we have patchy fog in the region. that will be a big problem this morning. so you'll want to slow down and be careful as you head out. but we have a crash to tell you about in howard county. this is on route 1. this is something to keep in mind. and as far as the beltway is concerned, it's really picking up right now on the northwest corner. here's what it looks like on old court road. you're looking at a 11 minute ride. as we check in and take a look at other drive times, no problems to report on the beltway from parkville all the way up towards towson. and for those of you using the jfx, no problems to report and no delays, just 11 minutes to travel southbound from 695 all the way downtown to fayette street. >>> two men are shot in north baltim
Sep 14, 2012 5:00pm EDT
you. >>> police are constantly patrolling a part of glen burnie looking for a man they say burglarized the home of a 70-year-old woman. she was not hurt, but the case bears an eerie resemiwhat happens of a crime that happened in the same block two years ago. >> reporter: this burglary happened last saturday night. the suspect hid his face, was armed and took off running when he realized his victim was awake. since the weekend, the anne arundel police have been patrolling the street, checking ids and pulling over cars that look suspicious. the response has been very obvious because this latest burglary resembled those that happened a couple of years ago, one in which an elderly victim was sexually assaulted. [ and that same street on country club drive, there was a sexual assault in 2010 and a couple of burglaries. we're being cautious. we're going to look at every angle and see if they are tied in. we don't know that. >> reporter: at 6:00 we will talk to people in the community who remember that case in 2010 and what they're doing to try to help police to put a stop to it. abc 2 news.
Sep 14, 2012 5:30pm EDT
, so sign up to clean up. >>> and coming up, all new at 6:00, a glen burnie neighborhood on alert tonight. an armed man breaks into a 70- year-old woman's home where the police think it may be linked to another break-in two years ago. >>> and unless you're living under a rock about a smart phone, you know apple unveiled its latest iphone this week. a look at apple's other products that may have gotten lost in the shuffle. now a prevow of what is ahead on "world news" at 6:30. >>> it is a woman's world. new businesses, new inventions right here in america so how did these moms turn their homespun ideas into a small fortune? it is all about being. see the whole picture tonight on "world news" with diane sawyer on abc. [ç?w?Ñ?Ñ [ female announcer ] with swiffer dusters, a great clean doesn't have to take longer. i'm done. i'm gonna read one of these. i'm gonna read one of these! [ female announcer ] unlike sprays and dust rags, swiffer 360 duster's extender gets into hard-to-reach places without the hassle. so you can get unbelievable dust pickup in less time without missing a thi
Sep 7, 2012 12:00pm EDT
guidance a week ago. he joins us now on the fast line with reaction to today's news. glen, i have the note that you put out on august 26th. you got a cut today by intel. your reaction? >> well, obviously it's kwwhat expected. really everywhere you looked, pc data points are bad and we're going to ultimately end up with the worst third quarter in the history of pcs this quarter and so obvious the outlook is pretty dire. >> elsewhere on the street it's a pretty similar optimistic outlook despite today's news. what's the deal? lower china demand, median business and government business falling off that's only temporary, thae you get the windows 8 to pick up, you have good reason to be in the stock? >> that's the hope. let's start with that. normally when we see an upgrade cycle in an operating system, it stimulates pc demand. i would point out that this is the first time ever that microsoft has changed operating systems and it's not just pc this time. it's a tablet involved and a smartphone involved. there's potential around windows 8. >> if you don't want to wait to get the recovery in the s
Sep 15, 2012 9:00am PDT
carried the caskets of ambassador chris steven, tyrone woods, glen dougherty, and sean smith. the four were honored in a ceremony attended by president barack obama and u.s. secretary of state, hillary clinton. >>> and we've learned much about u.s. ambassador to libya chris stevens. now we're learning more about the three other american who is died in that consulate attack in benghazi this week, ambassador stevens, tie roan woods, glen doherty, and sean smith were all united in their affection for the middle east and the people there. chris stevens fell in love with the middle east when he served as a volunteer peace corps -- as a volunteer in the peace corps. he has been praised as a great friend of libya and served as liaison to the rebel who is overthrew dictator moammar gadhafi. tyrone woods became a navy s.e.a.l. after his mom suggested he join the military. he was also a paramedic and a registered nurse. his third child, kai, was born just a few months ago. and glen doherty was a ski instructor and raft guide in utah before becoming a navy s.e.a.l. he planned to leave the militar
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